Source code for covasim.requirements

Check that correct versions of each library are installed, and print warnings
or errors if not.

#%% Housekeeping

__all__ = ['min_versions', 'check_sciris', 'check_synthpops']

min_versions = {'sciris':'2.0.1'} # Should match requirements.txt

#%% Check dependencies

[docs] def check_sciris(): ''' Check that Sciris is available and the right version ''' try: import sciris as sc except ModuleNotFoundError: # pragma: no cover errormsg = 'Sciris is a required dependency but is not found; please install via "pip install sciris"' raise ModuleNotFoundError(errormsg) ver = sc.__version__ minver = min_versions['sciris'] if sc.compareversions(ver, minver) < 0: errormsg = f'You have Sciris {ver} but {minver} is required; please upgrade via "pip install --upgrade sciris"' raise ImportError(errormsg) return
[docs] def check_synthpops(verbose=False, die=False): ''' Check whether synthpops is available ''' # Check synthpops -- optional dependency try: import synthpops return synthpops except ModuleNotFoundError as E: # pragma: no cover import_error = f'Synthpops (for detailed demographic data) is not available ({str(E)})\n' if die: raise ModuleNotFoundError(import_error) elif verbose: print(import_error) return False return
# Perform the version checks on import check_sciris()