covasim.parameters module

Set the parameters for Covasim.

make_pars(set_prognoses=False, prog_by_age=True, version=None, **kwargs)[source]

Create the parameters for the simulation. Typically, this function is used internally rather than called by the user; e.g. typical use would be to do sim = cv.Sim() and then inspect, rather than calling this function directly.

  • set_prognoses (bool) – whether or not to create prognoses (else, added when the population is created)
  • prog_by_age (bool) – whether or not to use age-based severity, mortality etc.
  • kwargs (dict) – any additional kwargs are interpreted as parameter names
  • version (str) – if supplied, use parameters from this Covasim version

the parameters of the simulation

Return type:

pars (dict)

reset_layer_pars(pars, layer_keys=None, force=False)[source]

Helper function to set layer-specific parameters. If layer keys are not provided, then set them based on the population type. This function is not usually called directly by the user, although it can sometimes be used to fix layer key mismatches (i.e. if the contact layers in the population do not match the parameters). More commonly, however, mismatches need to be fixed explicitly.

  • pars (dict) – the parameters dictionary
  • layer_keys (list) – the layer keys of the population, if available
  • force (bool) – reset the parameters even if they already exist
get_prognoses(by_age=True, version=None)[source]

Return the default parameter values for prognoses

The prognosis probabilities are conditional given the previous disease state.

Parameters:by_age (bool) – whether to use age-specific values (default true)
Returns:the dictionary of prognosis probabilities
Return type:prog_pars (dict)

Define valid pre-defined variant names


Define valid pre-defined vaccine names

get_variant_pars(default=False, variant=None)[source]

Define the default parameters for the different variants

get_cross_immunity(default=False, variant=None)[source]

Get the cross immunity between each variant in a sim

get_vaccine_variant_pars(default=False, vaccine=None)[source]

Define the effectiveness of each vaccine against each variant

get_vaccine_dose_pars(default=False, vaccine=None)[source]

Define the parameters for each vaccine