Dymodetron How-To Guide: Model Building

Make a new Dymodetron model

Change the model description

Entity Attributes

Add an entity attribute

Modify an entity attribute

Model Parameters

Add a model parameter

Modify a model parameter

Enumerated parameter values

Random Distributions

Lookup Tables

Rename a model element

Build state machine models

Make a new state machine

Associate state machine with entity type

Specify state machine initialization time


Add a state to state machine

Remove a state from a state machine

Add a state entry action

Add a state exit action

Modify a state action

Remove a state action


Add a new type of event

Remove an event type

State Transitions

Create a state machine transition table

Add a state transition

Modify a state transition

Remove a state transition

State Tracking

Action Statements

Select entities matching a criteria (“entity match”)

Generate events

Check if entities are in a state or not

Examine the last time entities were in a state

Examine the number of times entities have entered a state

Call another action

Measure entities matching a criteria (“measurements”)

Entity variables

Perform lookup in lookup table

Write to log

Examine state tracking metrics

Reset state tracking