Why Dymodetron?

What are the problems that Dymodetron is trying to solve?

  • Reduce the time, effort, and programming expertise required to rapidly build, analyze, and iterate on simulations of useful dynamic models.

    • The goal is to make it easy and fast to ask questions of a model, get answers, and then ask new questions.

  • Separate model definition/construction from the code required to simulate execution of the model, so that the model definition can be studied, reviewed, and manipulated independently of the complexity of the code that simulates the model.

    • This is accomplished with tools that generate code automatically from the model definition.

  • Provide transparency to every step of the computations used in simulating dynamic models.

    • The generated code is visible, boring, and not mysterious. So simple, a robot could write it!

  • Enable clear visualizations of the model that can be brought up to date with a single command execution or button press.

    • This is done by providing tools to automatically generate diagrams from the model definition.

  • Through the use of a set of inter-connectable modeling constructs, enable the sharing of models and model component libraries.

  • Allow anyone to change Dymodetron as they see fit: modify and add modeling constructs, change the code and diagram generators, etc.

    • Dymodetron is open source with a flexible license that lets you do whatever you want with it.