Source code for emod_api.schema.get_schema

import subprocess
import sys
import os
import pathlib
from emod_api.schema import dtk_post_process_schema as dpps

[docs]def dtk_to_schema( path_to_binary, path_to_write_schema="schema.json" ): """ Runs /path/to/Eradication --get-schema --schema-path=schema.json and then post-processes the schema into something more useful. Error cases handled: - schema.json file already exists in cwd; does not overwrite. Asks users to move and retry. - Specified binary fails to run to completion. - Specified binary fails to produce a schema.json """ # Get folder (not file) and create if does not exist. target_dir = pathlib.Path( path_to_write_schema ).parent if target_dir.exists() == False: target_dir.mkdir() if os.path.exists( path_to_write_schema ): print( f"WARNING: {path_to_write_schema} already exists. Overwriting." ) try: [ path_to_binary, "--get-schema", "--schema-path", path_to_write_schema ], stdout=open(os.devnull) ) except Exception as ex: print( "Something bad happened while trying to run the Eradication binary." ) print( str( ex ) ) sys.exit() if os.path.exists( path_to_write_schema ) == False: print( f"The specified EMOD executable failed to write {path_to_write_schema}." ) sys.exit() dpps.application( path_to_write_schema ) print( f"Wrote {path_to_write_schema} file." )
if __name__ == "__main__": if len( sys.argv ) == 1: print( "Please specify path to Eradication binary/exe." ) else: dtk_to_schema( sys.argv[1] )