emod_api.peek_camp module

emod_api.peek_camp.decorate_actual_iv(iv, signal=None)[source]
emod_api.peek_camp.decorate_actual_iv_impl(iv, signal=None)[source]

This function converts json interventions to their CCDL versions. This relies on a lot of special-casing.

emod_api.peek_camp.decode(camp_path, config_path=None)[source]
emod_api.peek_camp.params_to_dict(start_day, reps=None, gap=None, nodes=None, frac=None, sex=None, minage=None, maxage=None, ips=None, signal=None, iv_name=None, payload=None, delay=None)[source]

Take all the CCDL params (When? Where? Who? What? Why?) and create a dictionary from them.


The encode function takes a CCDL files as input and returns a list of campaign events as dictionaries that can be used to create a campaign json from it using emod-api/emodpy functions. This is early code, use at your own risk, or contribute to its improvement. :)