Source code for emodpy_hiv.interventions.rapiddiag

from emod_api import schema_to_class as s2c
from emod_api.interventions import utils
from emodpy_hiv.interventions.utils import set_intervention_properties

from typing import List

[docs]def new_diagnostic( camp, Positive_Event, Negative_Event, intervention_name: str = None, disqualifying_properties: List[str] = None, new_property_value: str = None ): """ Wrapper function to create and return a HIVRapidHIVDiagnostic intervention. Args: camp: emod_api.campaign object with schema_path set. intervention_name (str): The name of the intervention. disqualifying_properties (list of str): A list of IndividualProperty key:value pairs that cause an intervention to be aborted new_property_value (str): An optional IndividualProperty key:value pair that will be assigned when the intervention is distributed. Returns: ReadOnlyDict: Schema-based smart dictionary representing a new """ intervention = s2c.get_class_with_defaults( "HIVRapidHIVDiagnostic", camp.schema_path ) intervention.Positive_Diagnosis_Event = camp.get_send_trigger( Positive_Event, old=True ) intervention.Negative_Diagnosis_Event = camp.get_send_trigger( Negative_Event, old=True ) set_intervention_properties(intervention, intervention_name=intervention_name, disqualifying_properties=disqualifying_properties, new_property_value=new_property_value) return intervention
[docs]def new_intervention_event( camp, pos_event, neg_event, start_day=1, coverage=1.0, node_ids=None, intervention_name: str = None, disqualifying_properties: List[str] = None, new_property_value: str = None ): """ Diagnostic as scheduled event. """ diag = new_diagnostic( camp, pos_event, neg_event, intervention_name=intervention_name, disqualifying_properties=disqualifying_properties, new_property_value=new_property_value) # Coordinator coordinator = s2c.get_class_with_defaults( "StandardEventCoordinator", camp.schema_path ) coordinator.Intervention_Config = diag coordinator.Demographic_Coverage = coverage # Event event = s2c.get_class_with_defaults( "CampaignEvent", camp.schema_path ) event.Event_Coordinator_Config = coordinator event.Start_Day = float(start_day) event.Nodeset_Config = utils.do_nodes( camp.schema_path, node_ids ) from . import utils as hiv_utils hiv_utils.declutter( event ) return event
[docs]def new_intervention_as_file( camp, start_day, filename=None ): import emod_api.campaign as camp camp.add( new_intervention_event( camp, pos_event="HIVTestedPositive", neg_event="HIVTestedNegative", start_day =start_day ), first=True ) if filename is None: filename = "HIVRapidHIVDiagnostic.json" filename ) return filename