emodpy_hiv.interventions.cascade_helpers module


Utility function to clear out the campaign object, mostly useful to test. This function is not auto-imported with the module like the rest of the functions in this submodule. Caller has to explicitly import emodpy_hiv.interventions.cascade_helpers. :param camp: emod_api.campaign object.



emodpy_hiv.interventions.cascade_helpers.seed_infection(camp, timestep, coverage)

Seed an infection by time and %age of population infected.

emodpy_hiv.interventions.cascade_helpers.add_triggered_event(camp, in_trigger, out_iv, coverage=1.0, target_sex='All', target_risk='', event_name='')

An alias for triggered_event_common. Naming things well is hard.

emodpy_hiv.interventions.cascade_helpers.triggered_event_common(camp, in_trigger, out_iv, coverage=1.0, target_sex='All', target_risk='', event_name='')

Parameterized utility function used by rest of functions in this submodule that listen for a trigger and distribute an intervention (or list thereof) as a result.

emodpy_hiv.interventions.cascade_helpers.add_choice(camp, sympto_signal='HIVSymptomatic', get_tested_signal='GetTested')

Listen for HIVSymptomatic trigger. Then toss a coin (Random Choice), heads get tested, tails maybe it’s just a cold.

emodpy_hiv.interventions.cascade_helpers.add_test(camp, get_tested_signal='GetTested')

Listen for GetTested signal. Then get HIV RapidDiagnostic test after a delay of 30 days.

emodpy_hiv.interventions.cascade_helpers.trigger_art_from_pos_test(camp, input_signal='HIVPositiveTest', output_signal='StartTreatment', lag_time=30)

Listen for HIVPositiveTest trigger. Then Trigger ART. Note that Trigger ART isn’t same as starting it.

emodpy_hiv.interventions.cascade_helpers.add_art_from_trigger(camp, signal='StartTreatment')

Actually distribute ART if a StartTreatment signal/trigger is observed. Broadcast a StartedART signal synchronously.

emodpy_hiv.interventions.cascade_helpers.trigger_art(camp, timestep, coverage, trigger='StartTreatment')

Schedule a broadcast of StartTreatment (or equivalent), not based on any observed signals.