class empowerment_distributions(seed=None, regression_type='logistic')[source]#

Intial distributions of empowerment attributes based on latest DHS data <YYYY> TODO: perhaps split into single functions, one per attribute? TODO: update docstring for empowerment_distributions NOTE: DHS data covers the age group from 15 to 49 (inclusive). In this function we interpolate data to reduce noise and extrapolate to cover the age range (0, 100). Interpolation is done using a piecewise linear approximation with an inflexion point on

Paid employment (fpsim/fpsim#185) 0.6198487 at age 25 slope <25, 6.216042e-02 (SE 2.062729e-03) slope >25, 0.0008010242 (SE 0.0592966648)

Control over wages (fpsim/fpsim#187) Parameterization: 0.9434381 at age 20 slope <20, 2.548961e-02 (SE 5.243655e-03) slope >20, 0.0008366125 (SE 0.0194093421)

Sexual autonomy (fpsim/fpsim#188) Parameterization: 0.8292142 at age 25 slope <25, 0.025677 (SE 0.003474) slope>25, -0.003916498 (SE 0.026119389)