You can use the idmtools simulation command to get the status of simulations for the local platform. To see the list of options type the following at a command prompt.

$ idmtools simulation --platform Local status --help
INI File Used: /home/docs/checkouts/
Usage: idmtools simulation status [OPTIONS]

  List of statuses for simulation(s) with the ability to filter by id,
  experiment_id, status, and tags.

  For Example Get the status of simulations for the platform using the local
  platform defaults, you would run idmtools simulation --platform Local status

  Another example would be to use a platform defined in a configuration block
  while also filtering tags where a == 0 idmtools simulation --config-block
  COMPS2 status --tags a 0

  Multiple tags idmtools simulation --config-block COMPS2 status --tags a 0
  --tags a 3

  --id TEXT             Filter status by simulation ID
  --experiment-id TEXT  Filter status by experiment ID
  --tags TEXT...        Tag to filter by. This should be in the form name
                        value. For example, if you have a tag type=PythonTask
                        you would use --tags type PythonTask. In addition, you
                        can provide multiple tags, ie --tags a 1 --tags b 2.
                        This will perform an AND based query on the tags
                        meaning only jobs contains ALL the tags specified will
                        be displayed
  --help                Show this message and exit.