What’s new

All notable changes to the codebase are documented in this file. Changes that may result in differences in model output, or are required in order to run an old parameter set with the current version, are flagged with the term “Regression information”.

Version 0.10.10 (2021-11-04)

  • Refactored parameters to remove run_pars and enable a new R pipeline script.

  • GitHub info: PR 367

Version 0.10.9 (2021-09-30)

  • Added age-based routine immunization to immunity initialization for children under 5.

  • GitHub info: PR 267

Version 0.10.8 (2021-09-e0)

  • Added a to_pandas() option in base.py for contacts, infection_log, and save_states analyzer

  • GitHub info: PR 301

Version 0.10.7 (2021-09-04)

  • Refactored the People object to use a new filtering-based approach based on FPsim.

  • GitHub info: PR 266

Version 0.10.6 (2021-08-20)

  • Removes duplication between ps.create_sim() and ps.run_sims().

  • Improves “duty cycle” of ps.run_sims() to use all processors.

  • GitHub info: PR 247

Version 0.10.5 (2021-08-20)

  • Updates and simplifies intervention logic.

  • GitHub info: PR 246

Version 0.10.4 (2021-08-20)

  • Adds a Calibration class, allowing for sim.calibrate().

  • Updates how interventions and analyzers are initialized and run.

  • Changes the run logic of the sim to prevent double running, allowing more flexibility with run dates, etc.

  • Removes deaths as an output and state since there are none.

  • GitHub info: PR 244

Version 0.10.3 (2021-08-20)

  • Porting improvements/features from Covasim.

  • Added git info to all objects (sims, multisims, etc.)

  • Added an options module, e.g. ps.options.set(interactive=True).

  • Allows individual people to be extracted, e.g. sim.people[12] will give you an object with all details on the 12th person.

  • Ported performance improvements for various methods.

  • Allows sim results to be exported directly to pandas dataframes via sim.to_df().

  • Allow export of population to networkx via G = sim.people.to_graph().

  • Adds flexibility in dealing with population layers.

  • GitHub info: PR 242

Version 0.10.2 (2021-08-20)

  • Fixed bug with WPV being initialized incorrectly.

  • Refactoring leading to minor performance improvements (10-20%).

  • GitHub info: PR 241

Version 0.10.1 (2021-08-20)

  • Started changelog.

  • GitHub info: PR 239