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From ReadMe:

STAMP SpatioTemporal Analysis and Mapping in Python

This project aims at providing users a set of utilities and services to support spatiotemporal analysis and mapping in Python.

Current set of features (0.9.0) DHS support Basic support for the DHS file format Demographic Health Survey.

Name Matching Tool Name matching tool allowing users to clean up spatial data sets against a name hierarchy.

LDService and LDServiceClient The LDService and consumer classes allow users to:

Query the Large Data database directly from Python Retrieve lists of available NameSet and ShapeSet Retrieve shapes in geoJSON or SHP based on a dot name and to a target level DHIS Client The DHIS client allows to retrieve data from the Nigeria DHIS2 data platform directly from Python.

Raster Utilities Clipping STAMP is providing functions enabling users to quickly clip a shape file to a raster and retrieve the data in a standardized pandas dataframe.

The raster clipping also allows the visualization of which pixels were included/excluded during the clipping process.

Visualization STAMP includes an utility allowing to quickly transform a raster in a manageable PNG file. Allowing easy visualization.