Follow the instructions below to install SynthPops.


Python 3.6 64-bit. (Note: Python 2 is not supported.)

We also recommend, but do not require, using Python virtual environments. For more information, see documentation for venv or Anaconda.


Complete the following steps to install SynthPops:

  1. Fork and clone the SynthPops GitHub repository.

  2. Open a command prompt and navigate to the SynthPops directory.

  3. Run the following script:

    python develop

Note: while synthpops can also be installed via pypi, this method does not currently include the data files which are required to function, and thus is not recommended.

Quick start guide

The following code creates a synthetic population for Seattle, Washington:

import synthpops as sp


datadir = sp.datadir # this should be where your demographics data folder resides

location = 'seattle_metro'
state_location = 'Washington'
country_location = 'usa'
sheet_name = 'United States of America'
level = 'county'

npop = 10000 # how many people in your population