class help(pattern=None, source=False, ignorecase=True, flags=None, context=False, output=False)[source]#

Get help on Covasim in general, or search for a word/expression.

  • pattern (str) – the word, phrase, or regex to search for

  • source (bool) – whether to search source code instead of docstrings for matches

  • ignorecase (bool) – whether to ignore case (equivalent to flags=re.I)

  • flags (list) – additional flags to pass to re.findall()

  • context (bool) – whether to show the line(s) of matches

  • output (bool) – whether to return the dictionary of matches

Examples:'vaccine')'contact', ignorecase=False, context=True)'lognormal', source=True, context=True)
New in version 3.1.2.