class make_randpop(pars, use_age_data=True, use_household_data=True, sex_ratio=0.5, microstructure='random', **kwargs)[source]#

Make a random population, with contacts.

This function returns a “popdict” dictionary, which has the following (required) keys:

  • uid: an array of (usually consecutive) integers of length N, uniquely identifying each agent

  • age: an array of floats of length N, the age in years of each agent

  • sex: an array of integers of length N (not currently used, so does not have to be binary)

  • contacts: list of length N listing the contacts; see make_random_contacts() for details

  • layer_keys: a list of strings representing the different contact layers in the population; see make_random_contacts() for details

  • pars (dict) – the parameter dictionary or simulation object

  • use_age_data (bool) – whether to use location-specific age data

  • use_household_data (bool) – whether to use location-specific household size data

  • sex_ratio (float) – proportion of the population that is male (not currently used)

  • microstructure (bool) – whether or not to use the microstructuring algorithm to group contacts

  • kwargs (dict) – passed to contact creation method (e.g., make_hybrid_contacts)


a dictionary representing the population, with the following keys for a population of N agents with M contacts between them:

Return type:

popdict (dict)