Changing serialized campaign parameters

Campaigns are used to distribute interventions to the people in the scenario. When it comes to serialization, only the interventions that have already been distributed to people are serialized. For example, if you are distributing drugs to people when they exhibit clinical symptoms, then people who exhibited symptoms before the file was serialized should have their drugs. However, to get drugs to the people exhibiting symptoms after reading from the serialized file, you will need to add the campaign events that do that distribution.

The following overview is intended as high-level guidance for what changes can and cannot be made.

Campaign events & event coordinators

See Events and event coordinators for more information on events and event coordinators.


Campaign events are not serialized.

Event coordinators

Event coordinators are not serialized. Any coordinator that was periodically distributing interventions will need to be added to the new campaign.


Node-level interventions

Node-level interventions are not serialized. Any node-level vector control will need to be redistributed. Any NodelLevelHealthTriggeredIV that is responding to events will also need to be redistributed.

Individual-level interventions

Some may be serialized. If the intervention has been distributed to the person, then it will be serialized. For example, if the person received a bednet before the file was serialized, then the serialized person will still have that bednet with however much its performance has decayed. However, if the person is supposed to receive drugs if they become clinical and the person has not been clinical yet, then you need to include that drug logic in your new campaign.