Changing reports in serialized simulations

Reports can be changed as they are not serialized. If a report has a channel that involves accumulating data over a period of time, it will start fresh with the new realization from the de-serialized data.

The following parameters can be changed:

  • Enable_Default_Reporting

  • Enable_Demographics_Reporting

  • Enable_Property_Output

  • Enable_Spatial_Output

  • Report_Event_Recorder

  • Enable_Vector_Species_Report

The following report parameters can be changed; their new values will only impact the reports in new realizations from the deserialized data:

  • Report_Detection_Threshold_Blood_Smear_Parasites

  • Report_Detection_Threshold_Blood_Smear_Gametocytes

  • Report_Detection_Threshold_PCR_Parasites

  • Report_Detection_Threshold_PCR_Gametocytes

  • Report_Detection_Threshold_PfHRP2

  • Report_Detection_Threshold_True_Parasite_Density

  • Report_Detection_Threshold_Fever

  • Report_Parasite_Smear_Sensitivity

  • Report_Gametocyte_Smear_Sensitivity