Vector control

The following parameters determine the characteristics of campaign interventions aimed at vector control, such as the homing endonuclease gene (HEG), sugar feeding, and Wolbachia infection. When, to whom, and how those interventions are distributed is determined by the campaign file.


Parameters are case-sensitive. For Boolean parameters, set to 1 for true or 0 for false. Minimum, maximum, or default values of “NA” indicate that those values are not applicable for that parameter.

EMOD does not use true defaults; that is, if the dependency relationships indicate that a parameter is required, you must supply a value for it. However, many of the tools used to work with EMOD will use the default values provided below.

JSON format does not permit comments, but you can add “dummy” parameters to add contextual information to your files. Any keys that are not EMOD parameter names will be ignored by the model.

Parameter Data type Minimum Maximum Default Description Example
Vector_Sugar_Feeding_Frequency enum NA NA VECTOR_SUGAR_FEEDING_NONE

The frequency of sugar feeding by a female mosquito. Used is used in conjunction with the SugarTrap and OvipositionTrap interventions. Vector_Sampling_Type must be set to TRACK_ALL_VECTORS or SAMPLE_IND_VECTORS. Possible values are:

No sugar feeding.
Sugar feeding once at emergence.
Sugar feeding occurs once per blood meal.
Sugar feeding occurs every day.
    "Vector_Sugar_Feeding_Frequency": "VECTOR_SUGAR_FEEDING_NONE"
Wolbachia_Infection_Modification float 0 100 1 The change in vector susceptibility to infection due to a Wolbachia infection.
    "Wolbachia_Infection_Modification": 1.0
Wolbachia_Mortality_Modification float 0 100 1 The change in vector mortality due to a Wolbachia infection.
    "Wolbachia_Infection_Modification": 0.0