Example scripts to modify a configuration file

Direct editing of the configuration file in a text editor may be sufficient for small and infrequent changes, but you will likely find that scripting tools are more powerful and reliable for both creating and modifying files.

The following example shows how to read a configuration file to a Python dictionary, modify a parameter, and write it back out to the file:

import json

# load the current config.json
config_file = open( "config.json" )
config_json = json.load( config_file )

# modify one of the parameter values, e.g. "base_infectivity"
config_json["parameters"]["base_infectivity"] = 0.5

# write the modified config file
modified_file = open( "modified_config.json", "w" )
json.dump( config_json, modified_file, sort_keys=True, indent=4 )

The following example shows how to modify a configuration file in MATLAB:

addpath Matlab
addpath Matlab\test

% load the simulation configuration file into MATLAB structure
configjson = loadJson( "config.json" );

% modify one of the values
configjson.parameters.Base_Infectivity = 08.5;

% save the new configuration to file
saveJson( "modified_config.json", configjson );