emodpy_generic.interventions.complex_import module

emodpy_generic.interventions.complex_import.ComplexImportationEvent(camp, dips=[0.00012919896640826872], durs=[100000], timestep=1, nods=[])

Seed infection (over time) in the modeled population.

Be careful when configuring import pressure in multi-node simulations. Daily_Import_Pressures defines a rate of per-day importation for each node that the intervention is distributed to. In a 10 node simulation with Daily_Import_Pressures = [0.1, 5.0], the total importation rate summed over all nodes will be 1/day and 50/day during the two time periods. You must divide the per-day importation rates by the number of nodes. Note that there is no control over the ages of the individuals imported, or their monte-carlo weight, like you might find with the Outbreak intervention.

  • dips – DailyImportPressures. An array of rates of per-day importation (per-node).

  • durs – An array of durations over which to apply import pressure. Goes with dips.

  • timestep – WHEN: Day to start campaign event.

  • nods – WHERE: List of nodes at which infections will be seeded.


Campaign event that can be added to campaign.