emodpy_measles.demographics.MeaslesDemographics module#

class emodpy_measles.demographics.MeaslesDemographics.MeaslesDemographics(nodes, idref='Gridded world grump2.5arcmin', base_file=None)[source]#

Bases: Demographics

This class is derived from emod_api.demographics’ Demographics class so that we can set certain defaults for Measles in construction. Keen observers will note thatt SetDefaultProperties does not look like a measles-specific function. But as we add other disease types the generatlizations and speicfics will become clearer. The architectural point is solid.

emodpy_measles.demographics.MeaslesDemographics.from_template_node(lat=0, lon=0, pop=1000000.0, name=1, forced_id=1)[source]#

This function creates a single-node MeaslesDemographics instance from the params you give it.

emodpy_measles.demographics.MeaslesDemographics.from_params(tot_pop=1000000.0, num_nodes=100, frac_rural=0.3, id_ref='from_params')[source]#

Create a multi-node MeaslesDemographics instance as a synthetic population based on a few parameters.

  • tot_pop – The total human population in the node.

  • num_nodes – The number of nodes to create.

  • frac_rural – The fraction of the population that is rural.

  • id_ref – Method describing how the latitude and longitude values are created for each of the nodes in a simulation. “Gridded world” values use a grid overlaid across the globe at some arcsec resolution. You may also generate the grid using another tool or coordinate system. For more information, see Metadata.


A Measles instance.

emodpy_measles.demographics.MeaslesDemographics.from_pop_csv(pop_filename_in, site='No_Site', min_node_pop=0)[source]#

Create a multi-node MeaslesDemographics instance from a CSV file describing a population.

  • pop_filename_in – The path to the demographics file to ingest.

  • pop_filename_out – The path to the file to output.

  • site – A string to identify the country, village, or trial site.


A MalariaDemographics instance.


Get data files from simple http server.