emodpy_measles.interventions.simple_sia module#

emodpy_measles.interventions.simple_sia.SimpleSIA(camp, Event_Name='SIA', timestep=1, Target_Age_Min=0.75, Target_Age_Max=5.0, Coverage=1.0, nodes=None)[source]#

Create and return a vaccine campaign event.

  • timestep – When? Timestep at which vaccine event occurs. Defaults to 1.

  • Target_Age_Min – Who (youngest)? Youngest age to distribute vaccine to (defaults to 9 months).

  • Target_Age_Max – Who (oldest)? Oldest age to distribute vaccine to (defaults to 5yo).

  • Coverage – Who (%age)? Percentage of population, in given age ranges, to get vaccine. Defaults to all.

  • nodes – Where? Node ids where vaccine should be distributed. Defaults to everywhere.


New campaign event which can be added to campaign accumulator.

emodpy_measles.interventions.simple_sia.new_intervention_as_file(camp, timestep, filename=None)[source]#

Create a new ‘campaign.json’-type file with a single campaign event containing a SimpleSIA style Measles vaccine intervention. This is mostly a test or didactic capability.

  • timestep – When? Timestep to distribute vaccine on.

  • filename – The name of the file to write to disk. Defaults to “sia.json”.


string with filename of newly created file.