COMPS.Data.Configuration module

class COMPS.Data.Configuration.Configuration(environment_name=None, simulation_input_args=None, working_directory_root=None, executable_path=None, node_group_name=None, maximum_number_of_retries=None, priority=None, min_cores=None, max_cores=None, exclusive=None, asset_collection_id=None)[source]

Bases: SerializableEntity

Configuration properties associated with a Suite, Experiment, or Simulation.

A Configuration object is an immutable object containing various properties accessible by getters:

  • environment_name

  • simulation_input_args

  • working_directory_root

  • executable_path

  • node_group_name

  • maximum_number_of_retries

  • priority

  • min_cores

  • max_cores

  • exclusive

  • asset_collection_id

Properties of a Configuration associated with a Simulation will override properties of a Configuration associated with an Experiment, either of which will override properties of a Configuration associated with a Suite.

No properties are required at any given level in the Suite/Experiment/Simulation hierarchy, but in order to create and run a simulation, at least the environment_name and executable_name must be specified somewhere in the hierarchy.

property environment_name
property simulation_input_args
property working_directory_root
property executable_path
property node_group_name
property maximum_number_of_retries
property priority
property min_cores
property max_cores
property exclusive
property asset_collection_id