Input files

You will generally use two input files to run CMS simulations: the model file is required and the configuration file is optional.

The model file contains all information that defines the mathematical model itself. For example, it defines the species, the transition rates, incubation time, daily recovery rate, and many other parameters specific to the disease being modeled. The model file is in EMODL format; the syntax and available parameters are described in Model file syntax.

The configuration file contains information specific to a simulation. For example, the number of realizations, the duration of each realization, and the solvers to use. You may have several different configuration files that are used with the same model file. If you do not specify a configuration file, the simulation runs one realization for 100 time steps. The configuration file is in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, though it uses the “.cfg” file extension. The syntax and available parameters are described in Configuration file syntax.