Simulation controller subsystem

The simulation controller is the top-level structure for the epidemiological model. The controller’s capabilities are simple, running a single simulation in a single time direction at a constant rate. It exists to support future capabilities, such as running multiple simulations, pausing a simulation, or bootstrapping a simulation from an archived simulation. It contains two components: simulation and reporters.

The following figure shows a high-level view of the system components of EMOD and how they are related to each other.


EMOD system components


The simulation component contains core functionality that models the behavior of a disease without any interventions and extended functionality to include migration, climate, or other input data to create a more realistic simulation. Disease transmission may be more or less complex depending on the disease being modeled.

Campaign management

The simulation component also includes a campaign manager sub-component for including disease interventions in a simulation.


The reporter component creates output reports for both simulation-wide aggregate reporting and spatial reporting.