Download the EMOD source code

The EMOD source code is available on GitHub. The EMOD source includes the source code, Visual Studio solution, sample configuration files, as well as regression test and other files needed to fully build and test the EMOD executable (Eradication.exe).

You can have multiple versions of the EMOD source code in separate directories on your local computer. For example, you might want to download a new release of EMOD but also keep a previous release of the source. In the following examples, the source code is downloaded to the directory EMOD at C:/IDM, but you can save to any location you want.

You can use any Git client of your choice to clone the EMOD repository from from GitHub. These instructions walk through the process using Git GUI or Git Bash if you are new to using Git.

Install Git GUI and Git Bash

To install Git GUI and Git Bash, download a 64-bit version of Git from On the Select Components installer window, you can select one or both of Git GUI Here for a GUI or Git Bash Here for a command window.

Use Git GUI to download the EMOD source

  1. Launch the Git GUI application and click Clone Existing Repository.

  2. From the Clone Existing Repository window:

    1. In Source Location, enter

    2. In Target Directory, enter the location and target directory name: C:/IDM/EMOD

    3. Click Clone. Git GUI will create the directory and download the source code.

  3. Close the Git GUI window when the download completes.

Use Git Bash to download the EMOD source


For a list of the Git Bash commands, type git help git or type git help <command> for information about a specific command.

  1. Launch the Git Bash application. From the command line:

    1. Navigate to the location where you want to save your copy of the EMOD source code:

      cd C:/IDM
    2. Clone the repository from GitHub:

      git clone

Git Bash will copy the EMOD source to a directory named EMOD by default.

Verify that all directories on are now reflected on your local clone of the repository.

(Optional) Download input files

IDM provides input files that describe the demographics, migration patterns, and climate of many different locations across the world. You can download these files from the EMOD-InputData repository, which uses large file storage (LFS) to manage the binaries and large JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) files. A standard Git clone of the repository will only retrieve the metadata for these files managed with LFS. To retrieve the actual data, follow the steps below.

  1. Install the Git LFS plugin, if it is not already installed.

    • For Windows users, download the plugin from

    • For CentOS users, the plugin is included with the script.

  2. Using a Git client or Command Prompt window, clone the input data repository to retrieve the metadata:

    git clone
  3. Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the metadata for the input files.

  4. Download the actual data on your local machine:

    git lfs fetch
  5. Replace the metadata in the files with the actual data:

    git lfs checkout