emodpy.analyzers.adult_vectors_analyzer module

class emodpy.analyzers.adult_vectors_analyzer.AdultVectorsAnalyzer(name='hi')

Bases: idmtools.entities.ianalyzer.IAnalyzer


Call once after the analyzer has been added to the AnalyzeManager.

Add everything depending on the working directory or unique ID here instead of in __init__.

map(data: Any, item: idmtools.core.interfaces.iitem.IItem) Any

In parallel for each simulation/work item, consume raw data from filenames and emit selected data.

  • data – A dictionary associating filename with content for simulation data.

  • itemIItem object that the passed data is associated with.


Selected data for the given simulation/work item.

reduce(all_data: dict) Any

Combine the map() data for a set of items into an aggregate result.


all_data – A dictionary with entries for the item ID and selected data.