class make_people(sim, popdict=None, reset=False, verbose=None, use_age_data=True, sex_ratio=0.5, dt_round_age=True, microstructure=None, age_data=None, pop_trend=None, pop_age_trend=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Make the people for the simulation.

Usually called via hpvsim.sim.Sim.initialize().

  • sim (Sim) – the simulation object; population parameters are taken from the sim object

  • popdict (any) – if supplied, use this population dictionary instead of generating a new one; can be a dict or People object

  • reset (bool) – whether to force population creation even if self.popdict/self.people exists

  • verbose (bool) – level of detail to print

  • use_age_data (bool) –

  • sex_ratio (bool) –

  • dt_round_age (bool) – whether to round people’s ages to the nearest timestep (default true)



Return type:

people (People)