class routine_triage(product=None, prob=None, eligibility=None, age_range=None, years=None, start_year=None, end_year=None, annual_prob=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: BaseTriage, RoutineDelivery

Routine triage - an instance of base triage combined with routine delivery. See base classes for a description of input arguments.


# Example 1: Triage 40% of the eligible population in all years
triage1 = hpv.routine_triage(product='via_triage', prob=0.4)

# Example 2: Triage positive screens into confirmatory testing or theapeutic vaccintion
screened_pos = lambda sim: sim.get_intervention('screening').outcomes['positive']
triage2 = hpv.routine_triage(product='pos_screen_assessment', eligibility=screen_pos, prob=0.9, start_year=2030)