class routine_txvx(product=None, prob=None, age_range=None, eligibility=None, start_year=None, end_year=None, years=None, annual_prob=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: BaseTxVx, RoutineDelivery

Routine delivery of therapeutic vaccine - an instance of treat_num combined

with routine delivery. See base classes for a description of input arguments.


txvx1 = hpv.routine_txvx(product='txvx1', prob=0.9, age_range=[25,26], start_year=2030) # Vaccinate 90% of 25yo women every year starting 2025
txvx2 = hpv.routine_txvx(product='txvx1', prob=np.linspace(0.2,0.8,5), age_range=[25,26], years=np.arange(2030,2035)) # Scale up vaccination over 5 years starting in 2020