Node-level interventions

Node-level interventions determine what will be distributed to each node to reduce the spread of a disease. For example, spraying larvicide in a village to kill mosquito larvae is a node-level malaria intervention. Sometimes this can be an intermediate intervention that schedules another intervention. Node-level disease outbreaks are also configured as “interventions”. In the schema, these are labeled as NodeTargeted.

It is also possible (but not required) to configure why a particular intervention is distributed by adding trigger conditions to the intervention. For example, interventions can be triggered by notifications broadcast after some an event, such as Births, NewInfectionEvent, and more. It’s also possible to have one intervention trigger another intervention by asking the first intervention to broadcast a unique string, and having the second intervention be triggered upon receipt of that string. See Event list.

Vector control

The following node-level interventions are commonly used for vector control.

Intervention Target life stage Target biting preference Target biting location Effect
AnimalFeedKill node feeding cycle animal killing
ArtificialDiet feeding cycle human all blocking
Larvicides larva all all killing, reduction
OutdoorRestKill feeding cycle human outdoor killing
OvipositionTrap feeding cycle all all killing
ScaleLarvalHabitat larva all all reduction
SpaceSpraying feeding cycle human outdoor killing
SpatialRepellent feeding cycle all outdoor blocking
SugarTrap adults all all killing

Summary table of node-level interventions

The following table provides an at-a-glance overview of the node-level interventions.

Intervention Short description Able to be serialized? Uses insecticides Time-based expiration? Purge existing? Vector killing contributes to: Vector effects
AnimalFeedKill Kill vectors when feeding on animals   Y   Y Die Before Attempting Human Feed Killing
ArtificialDiet Kill vectors when feeding on artificial diet       Y   Attract
BroadcastNodeEvent Send a node event to node            
IndoorSpaceSpraying IRS for people within a node   Y   Y Indoor Die After Feeding Killing
InputEIR Deliver infectious bites without vectors       Y    
Larvicides Kill larva in node   Y   Y Larva Larval killing
MalariaChallenge Deliver infectious bites or sporozoites with out vectors            
MigrateFamily Schedule trip for family groups in a node            
MosquitoRelease Add vectors to a node            
MultiInsecticideIndoorSpaceSpraying Node IRS involving multiple insecticides   Y   Y Indoor Die After Feeding Killing
MultiInsecticideSpaceSpraying Outdoor spraying involving multiple insecticides   Y   Y Die Without Attempting To Feed, Die Before Attempting Human Feed Killing
MultiNodeInterventionDistributor Distribute multiple interventions instead of one     Y/N      
NLHTIVNode Distribute node intervention on node event     Y/N      
NodeLevelHealthTriggeredIV Distribute individual intervention on individual event     Y      
NodePropertyValueChanger Change the NodeProperty of a node            
Outbreak Not tested with Malaria            
OutdoorRestKill Kill vector after feeding outdoors       Y Outdoor Die After Feeding Killing
OvipositionTrap Kill vector attempting to lay eggs       Y Die Laying Eggs Killing
ScaleLarvalHabitat Modify capacity of larval habitat       Sort of    
SpaceSpraying Outdoor insecticide spraying   Y   Y Die Without Attempting To Feed, Die Before Attempting Human Feed Killing
SpatialRepellent Block vectors before they can attempt to feed on humans   Y   Y   Repelling
SugarTrap kill vectors when sugar feeding   Y Y Y Emerging, Trap Feeding Killing