emodpy_tbhiv.interventions.age_targeted_vaccine module#

emodpy_tbhiv.interventions.age_targeted_vaccine.AgeTargetedVaccine(camp, trigger_treatment_list, initial_efficacy=1.0, vaccine_take=1, vtype='AcquisitionBlocking', coverage=1, age_min_yrs=0, age_max_yrs=125, box_duration_yrs=1, immune_decay_yrs=0, start_day=1, duration=-1, property_restrictions_list=[], nodeIDs=[], cost=0, black_period=0, black_trigger='Blackout', event_name='Vaccine')[source]#

Create and return triggered campaign event that issues a (generalized) Vaccine intervention. See SimpleVaccine

  • camp – The emod_api.campaign module instance which serves as the campaign accumulator.

  • trigger_treatment_list – List of 1 or more triggers (or events or signals) which are listened to and trigger the distribution of the intervention. There is no default.

  • initial_efficacy – Initial efficacy of the vaccine. Defaults to 1.0.

  • vaccine_take – Fraction of the population receiving the vaccine for whom it is efficacious. Defaults to 1.0.

  • vtype – … Defaults to “AcquisitionBlocking”

  • age_min_yrs – Lower age bound, in years. Defaults to 0.

  • age_max_yrs – Upper age bound, in years. Defaults to 125.

  • box_duration_yrs – Period of time over which the initial efficacy persists before decay. Defaults to 1 year.

  • immune_decay_yrs – Period of time over which the efficacy decays to 0. Defaults to 0.

  • start_day – The timestep when this campaign event takes effect. Defaults to 1.

  • duration – How long the campaign event remains in effect. Defaults to forever.

  • property_restrictions_list – Optiional list of Individual Properties to limit the intervention to.

  • nodeIDs – Optional list of node ids to target. Defaults to all.

  • coverage – Fraction of population to reach.

  • cost – Per unit ‘price’ of each intervention.

  • black_period – Undocumented.

  • black_trigger – Undocumented.

  • event_name – Undocumented.


New campaign event that can be added to the campaign.

emodpy_tbhiv.interventions.age_targeted_vaccine.new_intervention_as_file(camp, filename='vaccine.json')[source]#