emodpy_tbhiv.interventions.hiv_seeding module#

emodpy_tbhiv.interventions.hiv_seeding.seed(camp, disease='TB', coverage=0.01, reps=-1, interval=1, start_day=1, nodeIDs=[], time_offset=1, event_name='HIV Incidence')[source]#

Create a scheduled campaign event that issues an OutbreakIndividualTBorHIV intervention. Useful for seeding interventions in TBHIV_SIM.

  • camp – The emod_api.campaign module instance which serves as the campaign accumulator.

  • disease – “TB” or “HIV”. Default is “TB” (used to be “HIV”).

  • coverage – Percentage of otherwise qualifying individuals who will be infected.

  • reps – Number of repetitions (integer). Defaults to no repetition.

  • interval – Timesteps between repetitions, if reps is set. Defaults to every day.

  • start_day – The timestep when this campaign event takes effect. Defaults to 1.

  • nodeIDs – Optiona list of node ids to target. Defaults to all.

  • time_offset – … Defaults to 1.

  • event_name – Not used.


New campaign event that can be added to the campaign.

emodpy_tbhiv.interventions.hiv_seeding.new_intervention_as_file(camp, filename='hiv.json')[source]#