emodpy_tbhiv.interventions.cash module

emodpy_tbhiv.interventions.cash.cash(camp, amount=100, coverage=1.0, start_day=1, property_restrictions_list=[], nodeIDs=[], event_name='Cash')

Create and return triggered campaign event that supplements individuals’ health care budgets.

  • camp – Centralized campaign module instance.

  • amount – How much money to give them. Just constant for now.

  • start_day – The timestep when this campaign event takes effect. Defaults to 1.

  • property_restrictions_list – Optiional list of Individual Properties to limit the intervention to.

  • nodeIDs – Optiona list of node ids to target. Defaults to all.

  • event_name – Undocumented.


New campaign event that can be added to the campaign.

emodpy_tbhiv.interventions.cash.new_intervention_as_file(camp, filename='cash.json')