As you get started with idmtools, you may have questions. The most common questions are answered below. If you are using idmtools with emodpy packages, see the FAQs from those packages for additional guidance.

Why am I receiving the error: “ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.”?

This error can be caused when using Microsoft Visual C++ runtime version 14.0.24151.1 and running analyzers, such as test_ssmt_platforanalysis.py. Workarounds are to either use pip install msvc-runtime to install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ runtime version or to install the latest Microsoft Build Tools.

Why am I getting an “ImportError: cannot import name ‘NoReturn’” error when importing idmtools?

Because you have a version of Python that is less than Python 3.6.5 64-bit installed somewhere and you are running with that, perhaps accidentally.

How do I specify the number of cores?

You can specify the num_cores parameter in COMPSPlatform. It is not an EMOD configuration parameter.