CLI reference#

IDM includes a command-line interface (CLI) with options and commands to assist with getting started, managing and monitoring, and troubleshooting simulations and experiments. After you’ve installed IDM you can view the available options and commands by typing the following at a command prompt

$ idmtools --help
You are using a development version of idmtools, version 1.7.10+nightly!
INI File Used: /home/docs/checkouts/
Usage: idmtools [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Allows you to perform multiple idmtools commands.

  --debug / --no-debug  When selected, enables console level logging
  --help                Show this message and exit.

  comps        COMPS Related Commands
  config       Contains commands related to the creation of idmtools.ini.
  examples     Display a list of examples organized by plugin type
  experiment   Contains commands related to experiments for Local Platform.
  gitrepo      Contains commands related to examples download
  info         Troubleshooting and debugging information
  init         Commands to help start or extend projects through templating.
  init-export  Export list of project templates
  package      Contains commands related to package versions
  simulation   Contains commands related to simulations.
  slurm        SLURM Related Commands
  version      List version info about idmtools and plugins