emod_api.channelreports.plot_icj_means module

emod_api.channelreports.plot_icj_means.collect(exp_id, chan='Infected', tag=None, smoothing=True)[source]

Collect all the time series data for a given channel for a given experiment from InsetChart.json files in local subdirectory that have been downoaded from COMPS, assuming following structure.



  • exp_id – Experiment Id that has had data downloaded to current working diretory.

  • chan – Channel name

  • tag – key=value. Using results.db (sqlite3, from emodpy), limit results to just where key=value. If value is set to SWEEP, find all values for key and plot all values separately (but with mean/spread from other tags).


Array of channel data for further processing.

emod_api.channelreports.plot_icj_means.display(chan_data, save=False, chan_name='Infected', exp_id=None)[source]

Plot mean and std dev of the array/list of time series-es in chan_data.