emod_api.channelreports.plot_prop_report module

Command line utility for plotting property reports.

emod_api.channelreports.plot_prop_report.main(args: argparse.Namespace)[source]

Plot specified property report with the given options.

emod_api.channelreports.plot_prop_report.list_channels_and_ips(channel_keys: List[str]) None[source]

List the channels and properties found in a property report from the CHANNEL:IP:value,…,IP:value keys of the channel dictionary.

emod_api.channelreports.plot_prop_report.call_plot_traces(args: argparse.Namespace, trace_values: Dict[str, numpy.ndarray]) None[source]

Call the internal plot_traces function and, optionally, save the results to disk.

emod_api.channelreports.plot_prop_report.prop_report_json_to_csv(output_path, channel_name='Infected', groupby='Geographic')[source]

Converts selected channel of PropertyReportXXX.json into a CSV file, rolled up into a single property.

  • output_path (str) – Subdirectory in which to find a file called PropertyReportXXX.json. XXX can be blank or a disease named like ‘TB’.

  • channel_name (str, optional) – Name of the channel to process from the property report. Defaults to “Infected”.

  • groupby (str, optional) – Property to group by. Defaults to “Geographic”.




ValueError – If no PropertyReportXXX.json file is found in the directory.

emod_api.channelreports.plot_prop_report.process_cmd_line() argparse.Namespace[source]

Put command line processing here rather than in if ‘name’ == ‘__main__’.