emod_api.config.from_schema module

argparse for command-line usage -s schema file -m model name -c config file

Sample code:

from emod_api.config import schema_to_config as s2c builder = s2c.SchemaConfigBuilder() builder.enumerate_params() builder.validate_dependent_params() builder.write_config_file()

That will look for a local file called schema.json and produce a file called config.json that should work with an Eradication binary that produced the schema.json.

To build a default config for MALARIA_SIM, do:

builder = s2c.SchemaConfigBuilder( model=”MALARIA_SIM” )

To generate a schema.json file from a binary, see help text for emod_api.schema.

class emod_api.config.from_schema.SchemaConfigBuilder(schema_name='schema.json', model='GENERIC_SIM', config_out='config.json', debug=False)[source]

Bases: object