emod_api.interventions.simple_vaccine module

emod_api.interventions.simple_vaccine.new_intervention(timestep, v_type='Generic', efficacy=1.0, sv_name='Vaccine', waning_duration=100, d_a_d=None, cost_to_consumer=None, e_i_r=None, intervention_only=False)[source]

This is mostly an example but also potentially useful. With this you get a Vaccine with working defaults but 2 configurables: type and efficacy. The duration is fixet at box. You of course must specify the timestep and you can add a vaccine name which is mostly useful if you’re managing a duplicate policy.


This version lets you invoke the function sans-parameters. You get the module-level params which you can set before calling this. This is designed to support are more data-oriented way of using this API, with everything like “a.b=c”, and avoid “churn” on the API itself (constantly changing function signature). TBD: Make sure that if this is called twice, we understand whether we have copies or references going on.

emod_api.interventions.simple_vaccine.new_intervention_as_file(timestep, filename=None)[source]