emod_api.interventions.utils module

emod_api.interventions.utils.do_nodes(schema_path, node_ids)[source]

Create and return a NodeSetConfig based on node_ids list.

emod_api.interventions.utils.get_waning_from_params(schema_path, initial=1.0, box_duration=365, decay_rate=0, decay_time_constant=None)[source]

Get well configured waning structure. Default is 1-year full efficacy box. Note that an infinite decay rate (0 or even -1) is same as Box. Note that an infinite box duration (-1) is same as constant. Note that a zero box duration is same as Exponential.

  • schema_path – Path to schema.json file.

  • initial – Initial efficacy value, defaults to 1.0.

  • box_duration – Number of timesteps efficacy remains at initial before decay. Defaults to 365.

  • decay_rate – Rate at which efficacy decays after box_duration. Defaults to 0.

  • decay_time_constant – 1/decay_rate. Defaults to None. Use this or decay_rate, not both. If this is specified, decay_rate is ignored.