emod_api.interventions.outbreak module

emod_api.interventions.outbreak.seed(camp, Start_Day: int, Coverage: float, Target_Props=None, Node_Ids=None, Tot_Rep: int = 1, Rep_Interval: int = - 1, Target_Age_Min: float = 0, Target_Age_Max: float = 125, Target_Gender: str = 'All', Honor_Immunity: bool = False)[source]

Distribute an outbreak (via prevalence increase of existing agents) to individuals based on inclusion criteria.

  • camp – Central campaign builder object.

  • Start_Day – Simulation timestep when outbreak should occur. Required.

  • Coverage – Fraction of population to reach. No default.

  • Target_Props – Individual Properties to limit the seeding to.

  • Node_Ids – Nodes to target. Optional. Defaults to all.

  • Tot_Rep – Number of times to “re-seed”. Optional. Defaults to just once.

  • Rep_Interval – Number of timesteps between re-seeding events. Optional. Use with Rep_Num.

  • Target_Age_Min – Minimum age in years. Optional. Defaults to 0.

  • Target_Age_Max – Maximum age in years. Optional. Defaults to AGE_MAX.

  • Target_Gender – Optional sex-targeting param (Male or Female if you don’t want “All”).

  • Honor_Immunity – Set to True if you want to infect people regardless of their immunity.

emod_api.interventions.outbreak.seed_by_coverage(campaign_builder, timestep, coverage=0.01, node_ids=[], properties=None, ignore_immunity=None, intervention_only=False)[source]

This simple function provides a very common piece of functionality to seed an infection. A future version will support targeted nodesets.

emod_api.interventions.outbreak.new_intervention(campaign_builder, timestep, cases=1)[source]

Create EMOD-ready Outbreak intervention.

  • timestep (float) – timestep at which outbreak should occur.

  • cases (integer) – new parmamter that specifies maximum number of cases. May not be supported.


event as dict (json)

Return type

event (json)

emod_api.interventions.outbreak.new_intervention_as_file(camp, timestep, cases=1, filename=None)[source]