emodpy_hiv.interventions.reftracker module

emodpy_hiv.interventions.reftracker.DistributeIVByRefTrack(camp, Start_Day, Intervention, TVMap, node_ids=None, Event_Name='Scheduled_Campaign_Event', Property_Restrictions=None, Target_Age_Min=0, Target_Age_Max=45625, Target_Gender='All', Update_Period=None, IV_Tracking_Name=None)

Wrapper function to create and return a ScheduledCampaignEvent intervention. The alternative to a ScheduledCampaignEvent is a TriggeredCampaignEvent.

  • camp – emod_api.campaign object with schema_path set.

  • Start_Day – When to start.

  • Intervention – Valid intervention to be distributed together as necessary to track coverage targets. Can be single intervention or list (list is useful where you want a co-event). If list, actual intervention should be first.

  • Event_Name – Name for overall campaign event, of not functional meaning.

  • node_ids – Nodes to target with this intervention, return from utils.do_nodes().

  • Property_Restrictions – Individual Properties a person must have to receive the intervention(s).

  • Number_Repetitions – N/A

  • Timesteps_Between_Repetitions – N/A

  • Target_Demographic – Everyone, ExplicitAgeRanges, etc.

  • Target_Age_Min – Minimum age (in years).

  • Target_Age_Max – Maximum age (in years).

  • Target_Gender – All, Male, or Female.

  • Update_Period – Number representing how frequently the distributions are done.

  • IV_Tracking_Name – Optional string parameter to distinguish one intervention from another if you’re doing multiple campaigns with the same underlying intervention.


Schema-based smart dictionary representing a new ScheduledCampaignEvent intervention ready to be added to a campaign.

Return type


emodpy_hiv.interventions.reftracker.new_intervention_as_file(camp, actual_intervention, start_day=1, filename=None)