emodpy_hiv.interventions.reftrackercoord module#

emodpy_hiv.interventions.reftrackercoord.DistributeIVByRefTrackCoord(camp, Start_Year, Intervention_Config, Time_Value_Map, Tracking_Config, Targeting_Config=None, End_Year=None, node_ids=None, Node_Property_Restrictions=None, Property_Restrictions=None, Property_Restrictions_Within_Node=None, Target_Age_Max=None, Target_Age_Min=None, Target_Demographic='Everyone', Target_Gender='All', Target_Residents_Only=None, Update_Period=365)[source]#

Create and return a ReferenceTrackingEventCoordinatorTrackingConfig EventCoordinator.

  • camp – emod_api.campaign object with schema_path set.

  • Start_Year – When to start.

  • Intervention_Config – Valid intervention to be distributed together as necessary to track coverage targets. Can be single intervention or list (list is useful where you want a co-event). If list, actual intervention should be first.

  • Time_Value_Map – A pairing of time (in years) and the fraction of the targeted group to have the attribute specified by Tracking_Config at that time. E.g. {“1960”: 0.1, “1970”: 0.2, “1980”: 0.3}

  • Tracking_Config – Defines the attribute to be tracked within the targeted group; the intervention will be distributed to people without the attribute, if coverage is below the target level the time of polling.

  • Targeting_Config – Allows you to specify more detail on the targeted group that you want to have the given attribute.

  • End_Year – When to end.

  • node_ids – Nodes to target with this intervention, return from utils.do_nodes().

  • Node_Property_Restrictions – A list of NodeProperty key:value pairs. A node must have the value for the given key in order for its humans to be considered.

  • Property_Restrictions – Individual Properties a person must have to receive the intervention(s).

  • Property_Restrictions_Within_Node – A list of the IndividualProperty key:value pairs, as defined in the demographics file, that individuals must have to be targeted by this intervention.

  • Target_Age_Max – Maximum age (in years).

  • Target_Age_Min – Minimum age (in years).

  • Target_Demographic – Everyone, ExplicitAgeRanges, ExplicitAgeRangesAndGender, etc.

  • Target_Gender – All, Male, or Female.

  • Target_Residents_Only – Distribute intervention only to individuals that began the simulation in the node.

  • Update_Period – This duration between distributions is used to calculate the number of timesteps between distributions (= lower_bound ( Update_Period / dt )). Values < 2*dt result in one distribution per time step, to get one distribution every two timesteps set 3*dt > Update_Period > 2*dt.


ReferenceTrackingEventCoordinatorTrackingConfig EventCoordinator ready to be added to a campaign.

Return type: