Source code for idmtools.core.interfaces.iassets_enabled

IAssetsEnabled interface definition.

Copyright 2021, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All rights reserved.
from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from typing import NoReturn, Union
from idmtools.assets import TAsset, TAssetList
from idmtools.assets.asset_collection import AssetCollection

[docs]@dataclass class IAssetsEnabled(metaclass=ABCMeta): """ Base class for objects containing an asset collection. """ assets: AssetCollection = field(default_factory=lambda: AssetCollection(), compare=False, metadata={"pickle_ignore": True}) def __post_init__(self): """ Post init. Nothing needed for IAssetsEnabled. Returns: None """ pass
[docs] @abstractmethod def gather_assets(self) -> NoReturn: """ Function called at runtime to gather all assets in the collection. """ pass
[docs] def add_assets(self, assets: Union[TAssetList, AssetCollection] = None, fail_on_duplicate: bool = True) -> NoReturn: """ Add more assets to :class:`~idmtools.assets.asset_collection.AssetCollection`. """ for asset in assets: self.assets.add_asset(asset, fail_on_duplicate)
[docs] def add_asset(self, asset: Union[str, 'TAsset'] = None, fail_on_duplicate: bool = True) -> NoReturn: """ Add an asset to our item. Args: asset: Asset to add. Asset can be a string in which case it is assumed to be a file path fail_on_duplicate: Should we rain an exception if there is an existing file with same information Returns: None Raise: DuplicatedAssetError in cases where fail_on_duplicate are true """ self.assets.add_asset(asset, fail_on_duplicate)