Source code for idmtools.utils.filters.asset_filters

This module contains all the default filters for the assets.

A filter function needs to take only one argument: an asset. It returns True/False indicating whether to add or filter
out the asset.

You can notice functions taking more than only an asset.
To use those functions, use must create a partial before adding it to a filters list.
For example::

    fname = partial(file_name_is, filenames=["a.txt", "b.txt"])
    AssetCollection.from_directory(... filters=[fname], ...)
import os
import typing

if typing.TYPE_CHECKING:
    from typing import List
    from idmtools.core import TAsset

[docs]def default_asset_file_filter(asset: 'TAsset') -> 'bool': """ Default filter to leave out Python caching. This filter is used in the creation of :class:`~idmtools.assets.asset_collection.AssetCollection`, regardless of user filters. Returns: True if no files match default patterns of "__py_cache__" and ".pyc" """ patterns = [ "__pycache__", ".pyc" ] return not any([p in asset.absolute_path for p in patterns])
[docs]def file_name_is(asset: 'TAsset', filenames: 'List[str]') -> 'bool': """ Restrict filtering to assets with the indicated filenames. Args: asset: The asset to filter. filenames: List of filenames to filter on. Returns: True if asset.filename in filenames """ return asset.filename in filenames
[docs]def file_extension_is(asset: 'TAsset', extensions: 'List[str]') -> 'bool': """ Restrict filtering to assets with the indicated filetypes. Args: asset: The asset to filter. extensions: List of extensions to filter on. Returns: True if extension in extensions """ return asset.extension in extensions
[docs]def asset_in_directory(asset: 'TAsset', directories: 'List[str]', base_path: str = None) -> 'bool': """ Restrict filtering to assets within a given directory. This filter is not strict and simply checks if the directory portion is present in the assets absolute path. Args: asset: The asset to filter. directories: List of directory portions to include. base_path: base_path """ if base_path is None: base_path = os.getcwd() norm_base_path = os.path.abspath(base_path) norm_dirs = [f"{os.sep}{d}{os.sep}" for d in directories] norm_asset_absolute_path = os.path.abspath(asset.absolute_path) norm_root = norm_asset_absolute_path.replace(norm_base_path, "") if not norm_asset_absolute_path.startswith(norm_base_path): return False return any([d in norm_root for d in norm_dirs])