Source code for idmtools_platform_comps.cli.cli_functions

"""idmtools cli utils.

Copyright 2021, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All rights reserved.
from dataclasses import Field
from typing import Dict, Tuple

[docs]def validate_range(value: float, min: float, max: float) -> Tuple[bool, str]: """ Function used to validate an integer value between min and max. Args: value: The value set by the user min: Minimum value max: Maximum value Returns: tuple with validation result and error message if needed """ if min <= value <= max: return True, '' return False, f"The value needs to be between {min} and {max}"
[docs]def environment_list(previous_settings: Dict, current_field: Field) -> Dict: """ Allows the CLI to provide a list of available environments. Uses the previous_settings to get the endpoint to query for environments Args: previous_settings: previous settings set by the user in the CLI. current_field: Current field specs Returns: updates to the choices and default """ from COMPS import Client Client.login(previous_settings["endpoint"]) client = Client.get("environments") environment_choices = [] for environment_info in client.json()["Environments"]: environment_choices.append(environment_info["EnvironmentName"]) # Set a valid default if current_field.default not in environment_choices: default_env = environment_choices[0] else: default_env = current_field.default return {"choices": environment_choices, "default": default_env}