Source code for idmtools_platform_slurm.plugin_info

idmtools slurm platform plugin definition.

Copyright 2021, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All rights reserved.
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Type, Dict

from idmtools.entities.iplatform import IPlatform
from idmtools.registry.platform_specification import example_configuration_impl, get_platform_impl, \
    get_platform_type_impl, PlatformSpecification
from idmtools.registry.plugin_specification import get_description_impl

# mode of operation. Options are ssh or local
# SSH would mean you remotely connect to the head node to submit jobs to slurm(and use that to transfer files as well)
# Local is when you install idmtools on the head node and run from there
mode = ssh
job_directory = /data
# values on ALL or END. 
# All will email you as the job changes states
# END with email you when the job is done
mail_type = 'END'
mail_user = '[email protected]'

[docs]class SlurmPlatformSpecification(PlatformSpecification):
[docs] @get_description_impl def get_description(self) -> str: return "Provides access to the Local Platform to IDM Tools"
[docs] @get_platform_impl def get(self, **configuration) -> IPlatform: """ Build our slurm platform from the passed in configuration object We do our import of platform here to avoid any weirdness Args: configuration: Returns: """ from idmtools_platform_slurm.slurm_platform import SlurmPlatform return SlurmPlatform(**configuration)
[docs] @example_configuration_impl def example_configuration(self): return SLURM_EXAMPLE_CONFIG
[docs] @get_platform_type_impl def get_type(self) -> Type['SlurmPlatform']: # noqa: F821 from idmtools_platform_slurm.slurm_platform import SlurmPlatform return SlurmPlatform
[docs] def get_version(self) -> str: """ Returns the version of the plugin Returns: Plugin Version """ from idmtools_platform_slurm import __version__ return __version__
[docs] def get_configuration_aliases(self) -> Dict[str, Dict]: """Provides configuration aliases that exist in SLURM.""" config_aliases = dict( SLURM_LOCAL=dict( mode="local", job_directory=str(Path.home()) ), SLURM_BRIDGED=dict( mode="bridged", job_directory=str(Path.home()) ) ) return config_aliases