idmtools_platform_comps.comps_cli module

Define the comps cli spec.


  • We eventually need to deprecate this

Copyright 2021, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All rights reserved.

class idmtools_platform_comps.comps_cli.CompsCLI

Bases: IPlatformCLI

Defines our CLI interface for COMPS using IPlatformCLI.

get_experiment_status(*args, **kwargs) NoReturn

Experiment status command.

get_simulation_status(*args, **kwargs) NoReturn

Simulation status command.

get_platform_information() dict

Platofrm info.

class idmtools_platform_comps.comps_cli.COMPSCLISpecification

Bases: PlatformCLISpecification

Provides plugin definition for CompsCLI.

get(configuration: dict) CompsCLI

Get our CLI plugin with config.

get_additional_commands() NoReturn

Get our CLI commands.

get_description() str

Get COMPS CLI plugin description.