Global parametersΒΆ

The idmtool.ini file includes some global parameters that drive features within idmtools. These primarily control features around workers and threads and are defined within the [COMMON] section of idmtool.ini. Most likely, you will not need to change these.

The following includes an example of the [COMMON] section of idmtools.ini with the default settings:

max_threads = 16
sims_per_thread = 20
max_local_sims = 6
max_workers = 16
batch_size = 10
  • max_threads - Maximum number of threads for analysis and other multi-threaded activities.

  • sims_per_thread - How many simulations per threads during simulation creation.

  • max_local_sims - Maximum simulations to run locally.

  • max_workers - Maximum number of workers processing in parallel.

  • batch_size - Maximum batch size to retrieve simulations.